Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd


Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd is one of the UK leading distributors of first-class ventilation equipment for European suppliers.

Industrial Ventilation

At Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd, we understand the critical importance of efficient ventilation in industrial settings. As specialists in industrial ventilation, we are reaching out to introduce our cutting-edge solutions designed to meet the unique needs of industrial facilities like yours.

We would be delighted to discuss how Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd can optimise the ventilation in your industrial facility. Please feel free to reply to this email to schedule a convenient time for a consultation.

Why Choose Complete Ventilation Solutions Ltd for Your Industry?

High-Performance Extract, Fire & Smoke Fans

Our Industrial Extract, Fire & Smoke Fans are engineered for high-performance extraction, ensuring optimal air quality and safety in industrial settings. Trust our solutions to meet the demanding requirements of your facility.

Expertise in Large Manufacturing Companies

With our founder Mark Hadfield's extensive background in the ventilation industry, our solutions are crafted with the unique challenges of large manufacturing companies in mind. Benefit from decades of hands-on expertise and ensure optimal working conditions.

Energy-Efficient Industrial Ventilation Systems

Embrace sustainability with our energy-efficient industrial ventilation systems. These solutions optimise energy consumption while maintaining superior air quality, aligning with green initiatives and reducing operational costs.