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Elevate the air quality in your home with our Residential Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) and Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) units. Our solutions not only ensure a constant flow of fresh air but also recover heat for energy efficiency, creating a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for your home.


For healthcare environments, our HTM Compliant Air Handling Units are crafted to meet stringent standards, creating safe and hygienic spaces. We understand the critical nature of ventilation in healthcare settings and provide solutions that contribute to a sterile and comfortable environment for both patients and staff.


For commercial spaces such as schools, hotels, and local council buildings, our ventilation systems are designed to cater to the diverse needs of these environments. Whether you're aiming to improve air quality in classrooms or create a comfortable atmosphere in hotel spaces, our solutions are tailored to enhance the overall indoor climate.


In large manufacturing companies and expansive industrial sites, our Industrial Extract, Fire & Smoke Fans play a crucial role in maintaining air quality and safety. Our industrial ventilation solutions are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of these high-impact environments, ensuring optimal working conditions.

Case Studies

Printwork Manchester

We were asked to replace existing External Air Handling Units (with controls) on the roof of the Printworks building in Manchester, this involved a site survey to establish the limited access route to the roof. Our design was based on supplying the units in suitable sections to achieve this.

Hamleys Toy Store London

We were asked to install Exhausto AHU replacing the existing AHU. The biggest challenge we faced was the road closure of Regent Street just before Christmas time & the crane lifts, working to an extremely tight schedule for the road
to re-open.

MOJ Norwich

We were asked to supply and install 8 CVS/ATC AHU’s over a period of 6 Months. The building had to stay operational during this period therefore making ventilation a key component for the client’s use of the building.

Warrington Hospital Catering Department

We were asked to install Exhausto AHU’s as part of the catering department upgrades. This was 2 separate co-ordinated deliveries. Units provided as internal heat pump packaged units. Consultant made selections with integral heat pump unit offering state of the art compressor that does require the unit to go into any defrost cycle due to the injected hot gas bypass.

Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge
We were asked to provide an Air Handling Unit for the kitchen area on the 5th Floor. Goods for this customer were delivered as a flat pack which were all transported up to the roof. We then built a supply only unit with heating and DX Coil.